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Warm Up on the Beach

People just like you "Feel the Difference" under the care of Chiropractor Dr. Rich. His 23 years of experience adjusting everyone from new born babies to pro athletes to patients in their 90’s has culminated in chiropractic care that patients describe as “the best!” Like so many others, you too will feel Dr. Rich’s heart-felt devotion to improving the quality of your life.

23 years of


Who does Dr Rich help?

Dr Rich successfully helps people with:

  • back and neck pain

  • athletic injury or impaired performance

  • shoulder pain and injuries

  • stimulating immune system function

  • bulging discs

  • surgery prevention

  • high blood pressure

  • low energy and fatigue

  • headaches and whiplash

  • hip and leg pain

  • foot pain

  • myofascial trigger points and tension

  • sleep disruption

  • asthma and allergies

  • lowering dependency on medications

Dr Rich also provides Chiropractic care for pregnant women, and he adjusts children of all ages starting from infancy.

New Patients Welcome

Your care begins with a private session with Dr Rich. This first session includes an assessment, x-rays if necessary, and your first adjustment.​ We do take insurance and offer affordable packages and wellness plans. To learn more about pricing, what to expect on your first visit and other commonly asked questions VISIT HERE

Or call and our friendly staff will assit you.

1741 Nelson Avenue

Manhattan Beach CA 90266

tel: 310.937.3730

We are most easily accessible from Aviation Blvd and Artesia Blvd. For your convenience, we have 3 reserved parking spaces for our patients.

If you are having a Chiropractic emergency please call 310.800.3344.


Patient Adjusting Hours

Monday     7:30am - 10am & 4pm - 7pm

Tuesday     Closed

Wed          7:30am - 10am & 4pm - 7pm

Thursday    7:30am - 10am

Friday        7:30am - 11am

Saturday    9am - 11am (twice a month)

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